New Bank Melt

Area: 72000 square meters
Use: office-commercial
Location: Tehran - Azgol
Employer: Bank Mellat

shahid namjoo complex

Mosque area : 2800m²

Area of girles school : 2600m²

Area of boys school : 2500m²

Sport hall area : 2300m²

Area of ofice bulding : 2300m²

Location :Tehran

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Garment manufacturing complex

Area: 60,300 square meters
Usage: Industrial
Location: Ray city
Employer: Mr. Mansoori

peykan shahr clinic

Area: 2000 square meters
Usage: therapeutic
Location: Karaj
Employer: Iran Khodro

Pardis Municipality

Area: 3000 square meters

User: Office

Design of mechanical facilities: Ryan Sazeh Consulting Engineers

Employer: PARDIS Municipality

Kashan Municipality

Area: 6000 square meters
User: Office
Architectural Design
Structural design
Design of electrical and mechanical facilities
By Ryan Sazeh Consulting Engineers
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Exxon Kimia Arvand


Office area: 3040 square meters

Accommodation area: 3300 square meters

Restaurant area: 1070 square meters

User: office-residential-restaurant



Design of Iranus Sports and Recreation Complex

Architectural Design: Ryan Sazeh Consulting Engineers

Responsible engineer: Dr. Atai

Location: Tehran - Seyed...

Residential interior design CHABAHAR

Architecture: Ryan Sazeh Design Studio

Head of Architecture Team: Dr. Atai

3DMAX design: Engineer Khezri

Location: Chabahar

Area: 300 square meters

Factory producing safety

Area: 3000 square meter

Usage: Industrial shed

Production of safety and firefighting products

Design and construction: Ryan Sazeh consulting engineers

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