City Center of the Persian Gulf

Living area: 80,000 square meters

Usage: Commercial - Cultural - Sports

Facility Design: Ryan Sazeh

Location: Ahvaz

Client: Mr. Hamidi Far

Step: Under construction

Imam Reza shrine development plan

Facility Development Plan


New Master Plan

The apron of Ghadir

Ivan Valiasr

Design of fire pump network

Excellent supervision of all the above

Tafresh Municipality Building

Living area: 3000 square meters

Usage: Office

Designed by : Rayan Sazeh

Location: Tafresh city

Client: Tafresh Municipality

Step: Drawing


sports Complex nshat&zendegi

Living area: 4000 square meters

Usage: Sports

Interior Design by: Rayan Sazeh

Location: Tehran

Client: Journal Building


Shahid Keshvari Sports Complex

Living area: 1800 square meters

Usage: Sports

Design, Reconstruction and Development by : Ryan Sazeh 

Location: Tehran

Client: Shahid Keshvari Sports Complex of...

Sharif University Research Center

Living area: 400 square meters

Usage: Office

Design & Rebuilding Consulting by : Ryan Sazeh  

Location: Tehran - Sharif University

Client: Sharif University


Sadaf Residential Complex

Living area: 2000 square meters

Usage: Residential

Interior Design and Architecture by : Ryan Sazeh 

Location: Tehran

Client: Mr. Karimi


safir noOr janat

Area: 1000 square meters
Usage: Office
Interior Design by: Rayan Sazeh 
Location: Tehran
Client: Ambassador Noor Janet Company

Cartoon booth

Area: 1000 square meters

business use

Designed by : Rayan Sazeh

Location: Tabriz

Client: West Carton Company


Pilgrims Residence

Living area: 29000 square meters

User: Residential

Consulting - Design & Implementation: Ryan Sazeh

Location: Karbala

Client: Mr. Mesbah


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