sports Complex nshat&zendegi

Living area: 4000 square meters

Usage: Sports

Interior Design by: Rayan Sazeh

Location: Tehran

Client: Journal Building


Shahid Keshvari Sports Complex

Living area: 1800 square meters

Usage: Sports

Design, Reconstruction and Development by : Ryan Sazeh 

Location: Tehran

Client: Shahid Keshvari Sports Complex of...

Sharif University Research Center

Living area: 400 square meters

Usage: Office

Design & Rebuilding Consulting by : Ryan Sazeh  

Location: Tehran - Sharif University

Client: Sharif University


Sadaf Residential Complex

Living area: 2000 square meters

Usage: Residential

Interior Design and Architecture by : Ryan Sazeh 

Location: Tehran

Client: Mr. Karimi


safir noOr janat

Area: 1000 square meters
Usage: Office
Interior Design by: Rayan Sazeh 
Location: Tehran
Client: Ambassador Noor Janet Company

Cartoon booth

Area: 1000 square meters

business use

Designed by : Rayan Sazeh

Location: Tabriz

Client: West Carton Company


Pilgrims Residence

Living area: 29000 square meters

User: Residential

Consulting - Design & Implementation: Ryan Sazeh

Location: Karbala

Client: Mr. Mesbah


Commercial Complex -My Office

Total area: 2100 square meters

Usage: Commercial - Office

Interior Design and Interior Design: Ryan Sazeh 

Location: Turkey - Ankara

Client: Mr. Aga oghluO



Rasul Allah Mosque

Living area: 2300 square meters

Usage: Religious

Designed by: Rayan Sazeh

Location: Azerbaijan

Client: Mr.mobarez panahoof

sports Complex Hese khoOb

Living area: 3500 square meters

Usage: Sports

Interior Architecture - Implemented by: Ryan Sazeh

Location: Tehran

Client: Mr. Esfahani

Step: Design

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