Construction Company

Construction  Company

Market review and analysis stage and bidding documentation
Duties of a Consulting Engineer in Consulting Engineers
 Analyze all environmental conditions such as materials and other resources and issues related to land and air, drinking water and groundwater, and all general and local conditions required by the project
 Provide public and private specifications as well as table of quantities

Architectural Design

Design of architectural drawings in a sequential and orderly manner, tailored to the land use and location of the building

Zero phase studies - studies and information on project needs and municipal standards

Phase 1 maps-Implementation of information in the form of initial plans and plans for obtaining a construction permit

Phase Two Maps - Executive Plans Based on National Building Regulations and CMS

Executive plans - providing details and observance of the principles and standards of the National Building Regulations

Facade design

And interior decoration

Utilizing artistic, scientific, technical ability and familiarity with modern architectural methods and presenting diverse and efficient 3D designs according to the building usage

Structural Design

Accurate and cost-effective design and calculation based on the highest standards while maintaining the originality of the project without the use of duplicate scientific designs

Design of electrical and mechanical installations

Providing consulting, designing, monitoring and implementation of electrical and mechanical installations and energy control management, and providing expert advice on equipment selection and how they operate and cost estimates to the client by senior experts

Urban Design

Includes: Park Design - Landscape Design - Roof Gardens Design

Design of fire and security systems

 Includes the design of fire safety systems and architectures and installations with the necessary permits

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