modern wallpaper 

For a while, wallpaper was seen as something that would only be in the most outdated of homes. It was associated with large floral prints from Victorian styles or strange patterns that only your grandmother could love. But that’s changing. It’s possible to use modern wallpaper in a way that is stylish, updated and sleek

One of the benefits of wallpaper is the sheer amount of choice in styles. This means you can find a style that works even in the most modern of spaces. Wallpaper can be as muted or bold as you want, depending on your style. Take a look below to see how to use modern wallpaper designs in your space

Use deep, subdued colorings

Another idea for modern wallpaper is to use a deep, saturated hue. Wallpaper is great for giving these hues some subtle texture, like in the photo above. This transitional space is enriched by the deep royal blue that sits behind the oriental art. A royal blue pillow brings the shade into the rest of the space. Meanwhile, a lighter blue sofa matches the wall without blending into it, making this space an all-around great example of how to work with a color scheme using wallpaper

Because wallpaper is so customizable, it’s easier to get the exact shade you want. Often, with paint, the shade underneath contributes slightly to the new color unless you slather on many coats







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